The Academy’s anniversary celebration which take place in November, are in the form of a presidential address delivered by the President of the Academy, a series of symposia involving Fellows and non-Fellows, and the Anniversary Lecture, renamed Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lecture since 2003.

A Fellow normally delivers the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lecture. These lectures address a wide range of issues on humanities and sciences. Hitherto, the three days between the Presidential Address and the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lecture are devoted to symposia on topical issues.

Below are lists of the titles of the Presidential Addresses since 2001; the themes of the Founder’s Week since 1971; and the titles of the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lectures since 2003:

Title of Presidential Addresses since 2001

Year Speaker Topic
2001 Fred T. Sai “Why is Africa Losing the Battle against AIDS”
2002 Fred T. Sai “Environment, Poverty and Health”
2003 Nana S.K.B. Asante “The Constitutional and Legal Framework for National Integration”
2004 Nana S.K.B. Asante “Law as a Tool of Social Change”
2005 Nana S.K.B. Asante “Transnational Corporations, Foreign Direct Investment Development”
2006 Nana S.K.B. Asante “Water in Development: Personal Recollections and Reflections”
2007 Letitia E. Obeng “Towards a Science Culture for National Development”
2008 Letitia E. Obeng

“Thinking Our Way to Development and Social Fulfilment:

The Place of a learned Society”

2009 Reginald Fraser Amonoo “Promoting Excellence in Knowledge:  50 years of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences”
2010 Reginald Fraser Amonoo “Perpetual Change and the Role of Scholars”
2011 Francis K. Nkrumah ““The Role of An Academy of Science in National Development””
2012 Francis K. A. Allotey

“Ghana’s Urbanisation Challenge: Electricity Demand and


2013 Francis K. A. Allotey “Education in the Age of Rapid Technological Advancement”
2014 Francis K. A. Allotey “Science, Technology and Innovation Enterprise, A Platform for Economic Growth and Transformation of Ghana”
2015 Akilagpa Sawyerr “Thinking Our Way to Development and Social Fulfilment: The Place of a Learned Society”


1971       Management, Administration and Development

1972       Education and Society: Education in Ghana at the Beginning of    the 21st  Century

1973       Food, Population and Politics

1974       Education and Manpower

1975       Traditional Institutions of Our Society

1976       Energy for Development*

1977       Education in Ghana at the Beginning of the 21st Century

1978       Science and Technology for Development*

1979       Agricultural and Industrial Production for National Survival*

1980       Human Rights and the Democratic Process

1981       National Development: Problems, Solutions and Strategies

1982       Health for the Community*

1983       The Political Economy of Ghana: Analysis, Perspectives and Options

1984       The Place of Learning in National Life

1985       Management and Development

1986       Education and Human Values in Nation Building

1987       Decentralization and National Integration

1988       Natural Resources and their Management: Present and Future  Challenges*

1989       The Future of Our Cities

1990       Accountability in National Life

1991       Ghana in the Year 2000

1992       Sustainable Development and the Environment

1993       The Culture of Dependency

1994       Conflicts in Africa

1995       Management of Ghana’s Natural Resources*

1996       Financing Education in Ghana into the 21st Century

1997       Land as a Resource for Development*

1998       The Notion of the State in Contemporary Africa

1999       Critical Issues and the Challenges of the 21st Century

2000       The Information Age*

2001       Some Critical Development Issues facing Ghana

2002       Globalization

2003       National Integration

2004       Gender: Evolving Roles and Perceptions

2005       From Stability to Growth: Challenges of National Development

2006       Water*

2007       National Development: The Past 50 Years

2008       The Challenges of Oil Discovery in Ghana*

2009       50 Years of Promoting Excellence in Knowledge

2010       Climate Change*

2011       Ghana’s Employment Challenge

2012       Ghana’s Urbanisation Challenge

2013       Education for National Development

2014       Transforming the Economy of Ghana

2015       Managing Ghana’s Oil Resources