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Ephraim Amu Memorial Lectures
Memorial Lectures

Another major collaboration has been with the International Centre for African Music and Dance of the University of Ghana in organising the Ephraim Amu Memorial Lecture series. In 1998, the Centre in collaboration with the Academy instituted the Ephraim Amu Memorial lecture series, to commemorate the achievements of a humble and dedicated man from Peki Avetile, who devoted his entire life to cultural nationalism. An educationist, reformist and creative musician, Dr Ephraim Amu left a mark on Ghana’s cultural memory perhaps more than any of his contemporaries. An exhibition of memorabilia on the life and deeds of the great, distinguished composer and nationalist precede the Ephraim Amu Memorial lectures. The event often attracts a choral group which sings and celebrates Amu’s compositions at the lecture. In the inaugural lecture, Emeritus Professor J. H. Kwabena Nketia traced the beginning of the story of Amu in order to give a synoptic portrait (A Synoptic Portrait of Amu) of him as a man of action committed to culture and development. The following topics have been presented on the Ephraim Amu Memorial Lecture platform:

1999A Synoptic Portrait of Amu,Prof. Emeritus J. H. Kwabena Nketia
2000The Legacy of Ephraim Amu,Prof. Kofi Agawu
2001Ephraim Amu: A Portrait of Cultured PatriotismDr. Letitia E. Obeng
2002Music in Worship: Aid or HindranceMost Rev. Prof. Emeritus Kwesi Dickson (Deceased)
2003Music and Moral Philosophy: Ephraim Amu’s Compositions RevisitedProf. R. F. Amonoo
2004The Poetry of Ephraim AmuProf. L. A. Boadi
2005Theological Landmarks in the Life and Thought of Ephraim AmuRev. Philip Laryea
2006Bridging the Gap between Tradition and Modernity: Ephraim Amu as Music EducatorDr. A. A. Agordoh
2007In Search of a Lifelong Learning Education Programme for Ghana: Lessons from the Life- Work of A Farmer, Artist and TeacherProf. James Flolu
2010Discoveries and New Insights in Tonal Linguistics Facilitate reading of Mother Tongue: Introducing the Ephraim Amu PrincipleDr. F.I.D. Konotey-Ahulu
2011The Dr. Ephraim Amu Phenomenon: Import and Relevance for this GenerationProf. Ablade Glover
2012Medicine, Music and the Mind: Implications of Ephraim Amu’s Music for GhanaiansProf. S.K. Owusu
2016Colonial Legacy and the Challenge of Self-NamingProf. Anyidoho
2017“O’er Heathen Lands Afar’: Missionary Hymnody, Ephraim Amu’s Musings and Christianity as a Non-Western Endeavour”Very Rev. Prof.  J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
2018The Musings of a Chief in Contemporary GhanaNana Professor S.K.B. Asante
2019Re-imagining us: the role of popular music in self-actualizationKwame Ametepee Tsikata (M.anifest)
2021Unlocking Music Mirage: Inspiration from Ephraim Amu’s MusicologyP. K. Buah-Bassuah
2022The Performing Arts, Morality and the Ghanaian National IdentityMost Rev. Peter K. Sarpong
2023The Ethics of Nation-building: Perspectives from the Legon Tradition of PhilosophyProf. Martin Odei Ajei, FGA
2024The Significance of Ephraim Amu’s Defiance of Cultural Imperialism.

Prof. Kofi Agyekum, FGA

Apart from the above public lectures, the Academy occasionally makes it possible for Fellows to give 15-minute talks at sectional meetings on their research and related activities, including conferences and enterprises in which they have participated, that enhance their academic concerns and goals.2