Register of Current Fellows

    Year of ElectionName of FellowArea of Specialization
    1959Prof. A. A. KwapongClassics and University Administration
    1959Emeritus Prof. J.H. Kwabena NketiaEthnomusicology
    1960Prof. W. E. AbrahamPhilosophy
    1961Prof. Fred T. SaiPopulation, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS
    1964Prof. D. A. BekoeChemistry; University  Administration
    1965Emeritus Prof. E. LaingBotany, Generics, University  Administration
    1965Dr. Letitia E. ObengZoology, Water, Health and Environment Consultant
    1969Emeritus Prof. E. A. BadoeSurgery, University Administration
    1969Prof. D. A. AkyeampongMathematics; University Administration
    1970Prof. E. S. Ayensu BotanyScience Technology and Economic Consultant
    1970Prof. K. T. de-Graft JohnsonStatistics
    1970Dr. F.I.D. Konotey-AhuluPhysician, Clinical Genetics
    1971Prof. F. K. A. AlloteyMathematics, ICT
    1971Dr. E. Evans-AnfomSurgery, University Administration
    1972Emeritus Prof. S. Ofosu-AmaahPediatrics and Community Health
    1972Prof. R. F. AmonooFrench and Modern Languages
    1973Prof. G. C. ClerkBotany; Plant Pathology
    1975Prof. K. WireduPhilosophy
    1976Emeritus Prof. E. Q. ArchampongSurgery, University Administration
    1976Nana Prof. S.K.B. AsanteInternational Legal and Investment Consultant, Development Law
    1976Prof. J.O. HunwickHistory and Literature of Religions
    1979Prof. S. K. AddaeMedicine, Physiology, Ph.D History
    1983Emeritus Prof. F. K. NkrumahMedicine, Paediatric
    1986Emeritus Prof. E. V. DokuCrop Science (Plant Breeding; Physiology)
    1989Prof. K. GyekyePhilosophy (African, Greek and Arabic)
    1989Prof. K. EwusiEconomics and Statistics
    1989Emerita Prof. Mary Esther Kropp-DakubuLinguistics of Africa
    1990Prof. L. A. BoadiLinguistics (Akan Syntax)
    1992Prof. I. Addae-MensahChemistry; University Administration
    1992Prof. J. M. AssimengSociology of Religion
    1992Prof. George BennehGeography and University Administration
    1992Prof. Akilagpa SawyerrLaw and University Administration
    1993Prof. S. K. OwusuMedicine (Endocrinology)
    1995Emeritus Prof. E. D. YeboahSurgery (Urology)
    1996Prof. Yaw AhenkorahSoil Chemistry; Fertility and Plant Nutrition
    1996Prof. S.K.A. DansoSoil Science, Microbial Ecology, Biological, Nitrogen Fixation
    1996Prof. S. K. KarikariCrop Science; Plant Breeding
    1997Prof. J. C. NormanHorticulture
    1997Dr. S. Y. Bimpong-ButaLaw and Education
    1998Emeritus Prof. G. K. NukunyaSocial Anthropology, Family and Social Change
    1998Prof. Christine OppongAnthropology, Family and Gender
    1999Prof. Kwesi YankahLinguistics (African Literature (Oral) and Ethnography), University Administration
    2000Prof. W. S. AlhassanAnimal Science; Ruminant Nutrition, Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy
    2000Justice Prof. S.K. Date-BahLaw and Development, Public Law and Commercial Law
    2000Prof. K. AgawuMusic
    2001Most Rev. Dr. P. K. SarpongReligion, Anthropology, African Culture
    2002Prof. K. Frimpong-BoatengSurgery (Cardiothoracic)
    2002Prof. S.K.B. AsantePolitical Science, Former UN Regional Advisor to Economic Commission for Africa, Regionalism and African Development
    2002Prof. D. K. AgyemanEducation, Inter Ethnic Relations and Ethnic Conflict
    2003Prof. Aba Bentil AndamPhysics
    2003Emerita Prof. E. Ardayfio-SchandorfGeography, Gender and Development, and Rural Energy Systems
    2003Prof. H. J. A. N. Mensa-BonsuCriminal Law and Transitional Justice
    2004Prof. V. P. Y. GadzekpoAnalytical Chemistry, University Administration
    2004Prof. J.N. AyerteyEntomology
    2004Prof. A. B. AkosaHistopathology
    2004Prof. A. G. B. AmoahPhysician (Diabetic and Cardiovascular)
    2004Prof. Yaa Ntiamoa-BaiduZoology
    2004Prof. R. K. KasangaLand Administration
    2004Prof. E. Gyimah-BoadiPolitical Science
    2005Prof. R. Mills-TetteyArchitecture
    2005Prof. S. K. Sefa-DedehFood Science; Food Technology
    2005     Prof. E.H. K. AkahoNuclear Engineering, Nuclear Education
    2005Dr. Eugenia Date-BahSociology, Employment, Gender, Post-Conflict reintegration.
    2005Emeritus Prof. A. K. FiadjoeLaw Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
    2005Prof. Takyiwaa ManuhLaw, Gender, Development and High Education
    2005Prof. Naana J. Opoku-AgyemangLiterature and University Administration
    2005Prof. E. K. AkyeampongHistory
    2005Prof. A. A. AlemnaLibrarianship and University Administration
    2005Prof. R. B. BeningGeography and Education
    2005Prof. L. Ato QuaysonLiterature
    2005Prof. J. R. A. AyeePolitical Science and University Administration
    2006Prof. K. S. NokoeApplied Mathematics, University Administration
    2006Prof S.Y. MensahPhysicist
    2006Prof. D. Mireku-GyimahMining Engineering
    2006Prof. K. AnyidohoLiterature
    2006Prof. K. Opoku-NtiGeneral Economic Theory and University Administration
    2006Prof. J. SongsoreGeography and University Administration
    2008Rev. Prof. S. K. AdjepongPhysics and University Administration
    2008Prof. R. T. AwuahPlant Breeding and University Administration
    2009Prof. D. Ofori-AdjeiClinical Pharmacology and Pharmaco-Genetics
    2009Prof. E. AryeeteyEconomics, Statistics and University Administration
    2010Prof. G. K. S. AflakpuiCrop Physiology; Plant Nutrition; Climate Change Adaptation Polytechnic Administration
    2010Prof. Ablade GloverFine Art
    2010Prof. K. K. AdarkwaGeography and University Administration
    2011Prof. Isabella QuakyiImmunologist & Parasitologist, Building Health Research Capacities
    2011Prof. A. Lante LawsonHuman Anatomist
    2011Prof. P.K. TurksonVeterinary Medicine and Veterinary Epidemiology
    2011Prof. J.H. EphriamPhysical-Inorganic Scientist
    2011Prof. P. K. Buah-BassuahLaser and optical Physicist
    2011Prof. B. D. AkanmoriImmunologist
    2011Prof. B. K. AhunuAnimal Scientist and Biometrician
    2011Prof. A.K. NyarkoPharmacologist & Toxicologist
    2011Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel AsanteTheologian
    2011Kantinka Sir Dr. Kwame Donkoh FordworEconomist
    2012Prof. A. A. AdjeiImmunologist
    2012Prof. D. AduConsultant Nephrologist
    2012Prof. G. OforiConstruction Management and Economics
    2012Prof. A. C. SackeyfioPharmacologist
    2012Justice Stephen Allan BrobbeyRetired Supreme Court Judge
    2013Prof. H. N.A WellingtonArchitecture and Heritage Studies
    2013Prof. B.J.B. NyarkoApplied Nuclear Physics
    2013Prof. Y. Sarfo-ArmahNuclear and radio-chemistry
    2013Dr. R.E.M. Entsua-MensahFishing Science and aquatic biology
    2013Prof. Emmanuel Owusu-BenoahSoil Chemistry and Fertility
    2013Dr, Hans Adu DappahAgronomy And Plant Breeding
    2013Busumuru Kofi AnnanInternational Relations, Global Politics, Public Policy
    2013Peter Cardinal Kodwo Appiah TurksonSacred Scripture
    2013Prof. John Wisdom TetteyPolitical Science
    2013Rev. Prof. Emeritus John S. PobeeTheologian
    2013Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel BuorMedical Geography / University Administration
    2014Prof. Ebenezer Asibey- BerkoHuman Nutrition
    2014Prof. J. DankwaInorganic Chemistry
    2014Prof. Sylvester Kojo DanuorGeophysics, Meteorology and Climate Science
    2014Prof. Samuel Nii OdaiInorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
    2014Dr. Ahitey Trebi-OllennuSpace Robotics Engineer
    2015Prof. Geroge Tawia OdamttenBotanist

    Honorary Fellows

    Year of ElectionName of Fellow 
    1962Sir Sydney CaineDirector of the London School of Economics and Political Science
    1962Prof. Lord Alexander ToddProfessor of Chemistry, Cambridge University
    1964Dr. K.O. Dike, Vice ChancellorUniversity of Ibadan, Nigeria
    1964Dr. Davidson Nicol, Principal,University College of Sierra Leone
    1964Dr. A.J. HaweMedical Practitioner
    2003Prof. Adetokunbo LucasOrder of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; MD, University of Ibadan, WHO and Harvard
    2013Prof. Volker ter MullenMD; Immediate Past President of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
    2013Prof. Dame Lorna CasseltonEmeritus Professor of Fungal Genetics, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford; Former Foreign Secretary and Vice President of the Royal Society, UK