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Public Forum
Public Forum

Hitherto Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences – Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Collaboration, The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences started working closely with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) in 1993. The Foundation has as one of its aims, the promotion, and strengthening of democracy and social justice; and the Academy, the promotion and dissemination of knowledge. In view of this, the Academy found the FES an appropriate partner to work with.

The collaboration which involves the organization of lectures and symposia has taken place in June each year. There were no public forums in 1994 and 1995. The Academy began to independently fund the hosting of the Public Forum in 2013. Themes tackled over the years include the following:

Public Forum
Public Forum
1993 Making Democracy Work in the 4th Republic
1996 Problems and Prospects of Democratic Governance in Africa
1997 The Economy of Ghana from 1983 – 1996
1998 Vision 2020 and the Long-term Economic Growth of the Economy
1999 Six years of Constitutional Rule in Ghana: Assessment and Prospects
2000 National Interest and Elections in Africa
2001 Consensus Building: A Tool for Effective Democratic Governance in Africa
2002 Corruption and Development in Africa
2003 The Judiciary in the Fourth Republic
2004 The Economy, Productivity and Income Levels in Ghana
2005 Reconciling the Nation
2006 Addressing Poverty in National Development
2007 Evolution of Constitutionalism in Independent Ghana
2008 Ensuring Democratic Participation in Africa
2009 Constitutional Review in Ghana
2010 Governance in Ghana: Challenges to Administrative Justice, Anti-Corruption and Access to Justice
2011 Elections and the Democratic Challenges in Africa
2012 Energy and Ghana’s Development
2013 Accountability in Governance
2014 Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
2015 Waste Management
2016 Migration and Development
2018 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and National Development
2019 Non-Communicable Diseases
2021 Vaccines
Other Special Activities with the FES
Public Forum

In September 1998 the FES and GAAS jointly held a special forum on the topic “Human Resource Development in Ghana”. The FES also supported the Academy’s 1993 and 1994 Anniversary Celebrations by providing funds for the printing of the Proceedings under the themes:

  1. The Culture of Dependency (1993); and
  2. Conflicts in Africa (1995)

In 2002, FES graciously supported the printing of the J. B. Danquah Memorial Lectures, the thirty-fifth in the series, delivered by Nana Dr. S. K. B. Asante on the theme:

  • Reflections on the Constitution, Law, and Development (2002).

The FES further collaborated with the Academy to hold a 3-day colloquium on the topic “Towards Smooth Democratic Regime Transitions in Ghana” in 2003.

In 2006 the FES collaborated with the Academy in holding a joint policy conference on ‘Tertiary Education and the Job Market’.

Again in 2007, the FES collaborated with the Academy in hosting a roundtable discussion on the topic “The Media and the Pursuit of Truth”.