Our Inaugural Lectures

Year Topic Presenter
2004 The Impact of Cocoa Research Innovations on Poverty Alleviation in Ghana Dr. M. R. Appiah*
2005 Scholarly Authority and the Quest for A New World Academic Order Prof. Kwesi Yankah
2005 The Ethnic Factor in National Development: Uses and Abuses Prof. D.K. Agyeman
2005 Physics for Wealth Creation Prof. Aba Bentil Andam*
2005 Chemistry – The Neglected Element in the Industrialization Equation Prof. V.P.Y. Gadzekpo
2006 Religion and National Identity: Assessing the Discussion from Cicero to Danquah Prof. Kwame Bediako
2006 Private Investment and Law in a Developing Economy: Some Reflections Prof. S. K. Date-Bah
2006 The Role of the Judiciary in the Establishment of Democracy in Ghana Dr. S. Y. Bimpong-Buta
2006 Theology and Culture: An African Perspective Dr. P. K. Sarpong
2006 Health Medicine and Society Prof. S. K. Owusu*
2006 The Future of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Ghana Prof. K. Frimpong-Boateng*
2006 Voyage from Birth to Death: Health Hazards for Ghanaians Prof. J. O. M. Pobee*
2006 Horticultural Research in Ghana: An Overview Prof. J. C. Norman*
2006 Ghana’s Animal Agriculture Prof. W. S. Alhassan*
2006 Implementing the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD): Challenges and the Path to Progress Prof. S. K. B. Asante
2006 Bricks Blocks and the Future Administrative Capital of Ghana Prof. K. A. Andam*
2007 Improving Human Livelihood: A Development Challenge of the 21st Century Prof. K. Asenso-Okyere
2008 Libraries and National Development: Implications for Ghana Prof. A. A. Alemna
2008 The Marriage of Mathematics and Biology Prof. K. S. Nokoe*
2008 Where There is No Silence: Articulations of Resistance to Enslavement Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang
2008 Challenges of Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Some Reflections Dr. Eugenia Date-Bah
2008 Ghana’s Juvenile Justice System on Probation: Making Progress with Painful Steps and Slow Prof. Henrietta J. A. N. Mensa-Bonsu
2008 Race Political identity and Citizenship in Ghana: The Example of the Lebanese Prof. E. K. Akyeampong
2008 An 11th Region of Ghana? Ghanaians Abroad Prof. Takyiwaa Manuh
2008 Some Thoughts on Ministerial Reshuffles in Ghana Prof. J.R.A. Ayee
2008 Nuclear Power for Generating Electricity in Ghana: Issues and Challenges Prof. E.H.K. Akaho* (yet to be published)
2008 Urban Housing and Sanitation – Our Habitat Our Health Prof. R. Mills-Tettey* (In Press)
2008 African Boundaries and Regional integration: Ghana OAU and ECOWAS Prof. R. B. Bening (yet to be published)
2009 The Public Law of Ghana – A Tale of Two Legal Systems Prof. A.K. Fiadjoe (yet to be published)
2009 Modernising Ghana’s Agribusiness: Science Technology Engineering and Indigenous Bioprocess Systems S.K. Sefa-Dedeh*(yet to be published)
2010 From Everyday Risks to Disaster Risks: Confronting ‘Brown’ and ‘Green’ Issues in Ghana’s Human Settlements J. Songsore (In Press)
2011 To Mine or Not to Mine: The Economic Controversy and its Resolution D. Mireku-Gyimah*
2011 Culture and the Health of the Nation K. Anyidoho (yet to be published)
2011 Treating Ghana’s Sick Health Service A.B. Akosa* (yet to be published)
2011 The Political Economy of Poverty Equity and Growth K. Ewusi (yet to be published)
2012 Poverty and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa: Are we winning or losing the Game? Dr. G.K.S. Aflakpui (Yet to be published) [9964-950-75-6]
2013 Politics in the African Development Banks: A Study on the Role and Limits of Politics in an Intergovernmental Institution. Kantinka Sir Dr. K. Fordwor (In Press) [9964-950-76-4]
2013 The Dangers that Obsolete Chemicals Pose to Us J.H. Ephraim* (Yet to be published) [9964-950-77-2]
2013 Harnessing Science for Development of Medicines: Challenges for Ghana in the Global Matrix Prof. Arthur C. Sackeyfio * (Yet to be published) [9964-950-78-0]
2013 The Role of Veterinary Medicine in National Development Prof. Paa Kobina Turkson* [9964-950-79-9]
2014 The Law and Practice of Contempt of Court in Ghana Justice Stephen A. Brobbey (Yet to be published).
2014 The Law and Practice of Contempt of Court in Ghana Justice Stephen A. Brobbey (Yet to be published). [9964-950-80-2]
2014 “‘Tailor Light to Task’ for Sustainable Development in Ghana” Prof. P.K. Buah-Bassuah (Yet to be published). [9964-950-81-0]
2015 Building Biomedical Research Capacity for Malaria Vaccine and Public Health from Grassroots to Policy: Challenges, Achievements and Future Perspectives Prof. Isabella A. Quakyi* (Yet to be published) [9964-950-82-9]
2015 Architecture for Autism: A Technical Response with Mind and Heart to Human Need, (Yet to be published). Prof. Dr. Ing. Nii-Adziri Wellington* (Yet to be published) [9964-950-83-7]
2015 Will Our Food Animals Live Beyond Tomorrow? Prof. B. K. Ahunu* (Yet to be published)
2015 Distressed Fish in Dying Waters? Dr. Rose Emma Mamaa Entsua-Mensah (Yet to Be Published).
2015 An Audit of Our Contemporary Art Heritage: Rationale for The Preservation of The Legacy and The Restoration of The Culture Prof. Ablade Glover (Yet to Be Published).
2016 Channels of Prayer, Prophecy and Power: Contemporary Religion, New Media and Transformation of the Public Sphere in Africa; Very Rev. Prof. J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
2016 Medicines and Healthcare in Ghana; Prof. David Ofori – Adjei*
2016 Peak Phosphorus: What It Means for Ghana’s Agricultural Productivity and Food Security; Prof. E. Owusu-Bennoah*
2017 The Philosophy of Man; Justice Prof. V. C. R. A. C. Crabbe
2017 Space Technology Unleashing a Wave of Disruptive New Technologies – To Post-scarcity Economy; Dr. Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, FGA*
2017 2017       Plant Diseases, Crop Production and Food Security in Ghana; Prof. G. T. Odamtten*
2017 “Who are we and Whose are We? Prof. Akosua Adomako Ampofo
2017 The Government of Ghana and International Arbitration; Dr. Richard Frimpong
2017 Access to Sustainable and Affordable Energy for All: The Role of Nuclear Energy; Prof. B.J.B. Nyarkoh*
2017 The Tyranny of Foreign Expertise: Epistemic Injustice in the Global Arena with Impacts for Ghanaians’ Public Health Care; Prof Helen Lauer
2017 Achieving Food and Nutrition Security Through Plant Breeding Prof. Hans Adu-Dapaah
2018 Addressing the Crisis of Work in Ghana: What Role for Transformative Social Policy? Prof Dzodzi Tsikata
2019 Understanding Biodiversity as an Infrastructure of Life for Development Prof. Alfred A. Oteng-Yeboah
2019 Defecit of Critical Citizenship in Ghana: A critique of Political (il)literacy, civic (ir)responsibility and (un)critical followership Prof Wisdom J. Tettey