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23 Feb: J. B. Danquah Lectures (Series 55) Lecture 2: Focus on Developing Digital Abilities of Law Students

The J. B. Danquah Memorial Lecture Series was instituted in 1968 in memory of a foundation member of the Academy, Dr. Joseph Boakye Danquah, who died in prison in February 1965. J. B. Danquah was a lawyer, philosopher, scholar, novelist, dramatist, politician, and journalist.
The themes for the Danquah Memorial lectures were originally restricted to fields like law, history, philosophy, and literature, disciplines whose study occupied the greater part of J. B. Danquah’s academic pursuits. His Excellency W. B. Van Lare, a Foundation Member of the Academy, who at the time was Ghana’s High Commissioner to Canada, and had had a long and distinguished career at the bench, delivered the maiden Danquah Memorial Lecture in 1968. The lecture was on the topic, ‘The Law, Human Rights and the Judiciary’.

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16 Feb: Africa Must Consciously Promote the Study of its Languages – Prof. Adams Bodomo, FGA

Prof. Adams Bodomo, a Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences and lecturer at the Department of African Studies, University of Vienna, Austria has proposed that Africa needs a Cultural Institute to promote African Languages. He was speaking at the 2022 Inaugural Lecture hosted by the Academy on Thursday, February 10, 2022, under the topic “Linguistic Pan-Africanism as a global Future”.