Annual Lectures

Blood Sugar6

12 Oct: Inaugural Leture 2023 – Blood Sugar

Food and Public Health are inseparable. We talk about food in terms of safe food, healthy food, junk food, unhealthy food, and ultra-processed food. The healthiness of food (or lack thereof) is influenced by multiple factors including food marketing, food fraud, food policy, food politics, food justice, food democracy, and food environments. Of equal importance are the impacts of unhealthy food on human health and planetary health. Such impacts include hunger, and diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – obesity, hypertension, stroke, ischemic heart disease, and diabetes.

11 Oct: Is Ghana on the brink of ecological suicide?

Ghana has been extremely blessed by God with a lot of natural resources, Ghana is well watered with a coastline, it has forests, minerals, and a wide assemblage of biodiversity.
The lecture is on the Sustainable Development Goals, Ecological suicide, Ecocide, Ecological Grief, Environment, Food, Health and Water Security, Sanitation, Capacity building and strong institutions, as well as the Common Good. It is an opportunity for us as Ghanaians to examine ourselves dispassionately and to look at what we are doing to the environment we inhabit.