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GAAS Inaugural Lecture – By Prof Kofi Quashigah – Fidelity to Constitutional Values: Key to National Survival

Speaker – By Prof Kofi Quashigah


This lecture highlights the values underlying the 1992 Constitution and discusses their importance as guides to policies and actions of governments and every individual citizen. It draws attention to the fact that the Constitution is not just pure law, but also expressly and inherently an expression of the aspirations and values of the people. It is only if it is appreciated as such and strictly operated according to its values that it would have the desired impact on the lives of the people.

It is the failure to appreciate and operate the Constitution according to its values that often lead to citizens’ despondency. The consequence is calls from time to time for constitutional amendments to hopefully change our behaviour and therefore our political and economic circumstances.

The lack of appreciation and conformance to the values of the Constitution undermine good governance. Citizen education is strongly proposed as the solution for a change in consciousness and reorientation and to restore hope in the country.

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