2022 July


19 Jul: Professor Aaron Lante, FGA Calls for The Establishment of Academic Medical Centres

Professor Aaron Lante, FGA, a Professor of Anatomy at the University of Ghana Medical School (UGMS), has called for the establishment of academic medical centres (AMCs) in all medical training institutions to help deepen medical training, research, and service delivery in the country. He indicated that AMCs were assets that provided an environment for evolution in medical education, research, and service delivery.

13 Jul: Upgrade of Gold Recovery from Refractory Carbonaceous Gold Ores using Phanerochaete chrysosporium – Prof Grace Ofori-Sarpong

Gold ores consist of those that are easy to treat (free-milling) and others difficult to treat (refractory). Cyanide dissolution of gold from refractory carbonaceous ores has attendant serious challenges as the contained natural Carbonaceous Matter (CM) preg-robs dissolved gold leading to a decrease in overall gold recovery, a phenomenon termed preg-robbing. The CM behaves similarly to activated carbon, and thus has strong affinity for the dissolved gold ions (Au(CN)2).