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“Strengthen the state and infuse into the youth unity and true patriotism” cried Prof. Lade Wosornu during his J. B. Danquah Memorial Lecture, titled; “Unfinished Business of Voices from Behind the Bars,” at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences auditorium.

Prof. Worsonu demanded that we make the Ghanaian languages not merely electives, but also core subjects in the Senior High Schools, or subject ourselves to persons of subnormal intelligence.

He also encouraged an attitude of raising the Ghanaian infant in a Bilingual setting. He pressed that Bilingualism benefits cognitive and social linguistic skills. It makes the infant psychologically flexible, a perceptual flexibility they propagate into adulthood. And also Bilingualism makes learning a 3rd language easier.

Prof. Wosornu acknowledged Prof. Kofi Anyidoho’s advocacy for the Ghanaian languages to be used as a media of instruction in Creative Writing, in the University, including exit exam. And also praised Nana Gyan Appenteng for launching a novel project that translate selected poems by Ghanaians into Ghanaian languages.

Citing from his five laws of J. B. Danquah, Prof. Wosornu, encouraged students to study and find joy in their research, they should dig deep when searching, and most importantly they should “be brave” and “be courageous”.

“Lonely are the brave!” Prof. Worsonu sighed, concluding his lecture for day 1.


“Mushrooms help build up immunity and attack cancer cells, Nuts suppress prostate cancer, Kontomire (Taro leaves) lower incidence of stomach cancer, Apple prevents colon cancer, Pawpaw reduces the risk of cancer of the neck of the womb, grapes lemon and orange prevent cancer and help slow their growth. Ma w’eduane nkuaa nye wo eduro (let your only medicine be food)”, Prof. Lade Wosornu Advises the audience on day 2 of his J. B. Danquah memorial lecture: Unfinished Business in voices from behind the bars, at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Prof. Wosornu encouraged his audience to put first the care of health over the desire to amass individual wealth by the methods of the white man. “Without health we cannot enjoy wealth, Health without wealth is blind, and Wealth without health is empty”. 

Prof. Wosornu continued to speak about the need for cultural and emotional wellness, environmental and intellectual wellness, occupational and physical wellness, and social and spiritual wellness. He called them the eight dimensions of wellness.

He also spoke about the benefits and importance of consuming cocoa. He called cocoa “food of the Gods,” and praised its capacity to increase blood flow to the heart, the brain and other organs. He encouraged his audience to “hit the gym” or “take a brisk walk” when in need of an emotional lift or blow off steam after a stressful day.


Speaking on the final day of the 3 day lecture, Prof. Lade Wosornu lectured his audience on how to access their full potential and make Ghana great again. He instructed the students and the youth to debunk the fallacy of Europeans’ superiority in intellect or learning. He said, “Kill the bogey that your race is infant! Know ye not that God helps only the few who are constant?” And that it is nothing but constancy that makes a country great. “Do what you would this very moment”. He encouraged students not to kill themselves because they failed an exam. And also advised the students and the youth to avoid truancy and any of the common frivolities of exuberant childhood.

Prof. Wosornu talked about the use of drugs especially among teenagers. He alluded that young people are likely to have their brains melted and “flush the unintended mulch down the drains.” He cautioned against the use of cannabis among adolescents and its neurotoxic effect. He said that most students who use cannabis in high school suffer a great amount of IQ lost, and stopping or reducing the intake of cannabis failed to restore lost IQ. He added that cannabis can trigger illnesses like schizophrenia and schizophrenia can last a lifetime.

He talked about liberation as the essential tool to achieve their final liberation. He called humility a “shield” and a “guardian angel” in the act of accessing ones full potential. He encouraged the youth to make courage, fortitude and love their allies.

He ended his lecture with a poetic montage of images and words, on how to acquire The Final Liberation. Which lead to a dazzling standing ovation from the audience.   

“I stumbled, I took a count and stood erect. I lost a seat, and found a stool. NEVER GIVE UP!”

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