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“GHANA IS NOT AN ISLAND!” GAAS President repeats… (Demo)

“Arms are in circulation, people are already frustrated, there is antagonism between the political parties. If we don’t take action now we may not be fortunate in 2020”,

Senior Programmes Officer at the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) Paul Nana K. Aborampa-Mensah warns the country when speaking on Vigilantism and Gangsterism on a Roundtable Panel Discussion at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. He continues to warn that even though Ghana is not a gangster prone country it exhibits some elements that can breed gangsterism in the future. And also the lack of confidence in the police and justice system have given rise to Vigilantism.

Brigadier General Dr. Emmanuel Wekem Kotia of the Ghana Armed Forces stated, when discussing the Overview of the Current Security Challenges in the World, that; “Of about 200 countries in the world, there are over 20 civil conflicts on the way, these conflicts unfolding in states with limited capacity to respond to mitigate security consequences that emanate from internal violence.
He also identified ethnopolitical tension, rebel activities and armed resistance to authoritarian rule as some of the major sources of civil inter-state conflicts in the world.
Speaking on Threats from Insecurities in Neighbouring, Countries Col (Rtd) Festus Boaben Aboagye mentioned that, the country’s insecurities emanate from structural vulnerabilities around weak border control systems, governance deficit, the weak criminal justice system in the rule of law bordering governance.

He also warned the country of uncontrolled security sector in Cote d’Ivoire: illegal refugees that compound the outflow of illegal weapons and ammunition. And the need for the protection of individual human rights.

Similarly, ACP Dr. Sayibu Gariba, in his remarks on issues of human trafficking, kidnapping, and armed robberies, emphasized the adverse effect of these acts of insecurities and their potential damage on the population.

Referencing from the Arms and Ammunition Legislation, Dr. Festus Aubyn stated that it is as a result of weak regulatory systems that Ghana is unable to deal with the problem of Small Arms Proliferation. And then alluded to the inadequate institutional funding and equipment for agencies that are mandated to deal with small arms.

Mr Paul Ntim Yeboah also said that the $105 million Ghana lost to cybercrime and cyberfraud, contributing to about 60% of the crime statistics according to the CID report, could have prevented if victims had been more cautious and vigilant in how they share their personal information.

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante advises the public to be cautious of fake news as fabricated stories that may be true but irrelevant or false with an intent to polarize and pollute minds. He mentioned that political parties use this strategy through social media to get political benefits. And he also added that, we should be aware of media houses that exaggerate stories to attract people to maximize revenue.