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    Prof. Mensa-Bonsu On Air

    Prof. Mensa-Bonsu was on Joy 99.7FM Super Morning Show o the 22nd of January, 2019. She addressed various topical issues. These included the kidnapping of women, the Free Tertiary Education and Feminism.

    A lecturer of Feminist Jurisprudence has stated that feminism “is not about fighting men at all.” In her words, feminists “are seeking a fairer world. “

    She adds that a feminist wants “the world to recognize that the women are also here. A woman is not born with half a brain; it is the facilities and opportunity that are put at their disposal that makes the difference.”

    Professor Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu also talked about the the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences and it’s mandates as an Academy.

    Full interview below.

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