Chemistry: The Neglected Element in The Industrialization Equation

Chemistry: The Neglected Element in The Industrialization Equation


List of Acknowledgements                                         iv

Definition of Chemistry                                              1

Divisions of Chemistry                                               2

Inorganic Chemistry                                                   2

Organic Chemistry                                          6

Analytical Chemistry                                      14

Physical Chemistry                                         16

Other Divisions                                               16

Tools Used In Chemistry                                            18

Cost of Basic Tools in Chemistry                               20

Cost of Chemicals                                                       22

Definition of Industralization                                     23

The Industrialization Process                                      24

Research Support of Universities                               25

University Industry Linkage                                       29

Some Existing Industries in Ghana and their Raw

Material Requirement                                                 29

Raw Material Import                                                  32

Conclusion                                                                  36

References                                                                  38


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